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Insurance for All Types of Events


Antique Shows



General Liability

Insurance Coverage

General Liability Insurance is standard 'negligence' or 'slip and fall' liability. Most likely you have been required to carry a certain amount, usually starting at $1 Million, by the venue or hall where you are having your event. We can supply limits of $10 million and higher as needed.

Liquor Liability

Insurance Coverage

Liquor Liability Insurance is critical if alchohol is being served at your event. Host Liquor Liability is for things like weddings and other events where there is no charge. If money is also involved, you might need Liquor Legal Liability Insurance. Both are available and we can advise which you need.

Insurance Coverage

for Rented Property

If you are renting lighting, tents, props, or other equipment you might be required to cover it while it's being set up and used for your event.  We can insure most equipment as long as their requirements are in writing in your rental agreement.

Insurance for

Craft Vendors,


Bands & Performers

Yoga/Dance Classes

Public Speakers

Professional Liability

In-Home Business policies

for baked goods, make-up, and many other small business operations.

For additional info, please see our FAQ Page

We can insure events around the country and even the world, as long as you or your company have an address in NY, NJ, CT, or PA

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